iPhone 13 series launched in Qatar: price & specs

Apple has just officially unveiled four new iPhone 13 models, and among them two are the stars of the show: the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, the most expensive and most feature-packed of the bunch.

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iPhone 13 Specs ➤

iPhone 13 series launched in Qatar: price & specs
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The iPhone 13 is a 6.1-inch phone, while the iPhone 13 Pro Max is a truly gigantic 6.7-inch phone, and both have grown slightly thicker compared to the previous generation. The reason for that is bigger batteries, one of the most requested features, and Apple delivers. The cameras on the back have also gotten bigger and the phones now come with new pro camera features. All of that is powered by the same Apple A15 Bionic processor on both phones (actually, this same processor powers all four new iPhones).

iPhone 13 series launched in Qatar: price & specs    ..

The new Pro iPhones come with virtually the same design as last year's models: flat sides, flat screens, and mostly unchanged looks except for a slightly thicker body and if you look closer, you'd also notice that Face ID has shrunk in size, so it's now 20% smaller.

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iPhone 13 Pro Specs ➤

The rest is quite familiar as the phones are made of toughened glass and feature a stainless steel frame, which does add a bit of extra weight compared to the aluminum-made non-Pro iPhones. The pair also feature IP68 water protection for added security.

iPhone 13 series launched in Qatar: price & specs    .. Click here
iphone 13 Pro Max Specs ➤

The iPhone 13 Pro comes with a 6.1" OLED screen, while the iPhone 13 Pro Max features a significantly larger, 6.7" OLED display. Both look gorgeous and get super bright under the sun, reaching max brightness of 1,000 nits, a 25% increase, so they are easily legible (a big advantage over cheaper devices).

But what's unique and new here is the 120Hz ProMotion screen technology. This has been available on Android phones for a while, and it's finally now coming to iPhones. Basically, you get a screen that refreshes 120 times per second instead of the tradition 60 times (aka 60Hz). This results in buttery smooth scrolling experience, but do keep in mind that the screen will automatically switch to a lower refresh rate when you have static content, so that it doesn't drain excessive battery. Apple says the screen adapts frame rate to precisely match the speed of the user’s finger, and can vary from 10Hz to 120Hz.

The star of all four iPhone 13 models is the Apple A15 Bionic processor inside them. This latest Apple-made chip features further improvements and extends Apple's lead over the competition when it comes to processing speeds. The A15 Bionic is built on 5nm technology and features over 15 billion transistors. It comes with a 6-core CPU, and a 5-core GPU, that is one extra GPU over the non-Pro models.

The iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max come with 128GB of native storage in the base version, but you can also opt for one of the more expensive models: you also have a 256GB version, a 512GB version, and for the first time, a 1TB model for the most demanding users. As always with iPhones, there is no microSD card slot for memory expansion.

You have the following camera lenses on board:

wide (main) camera: 1X, 26mm, f/1.5 aperture
ultra-wide camera: 0.5X, 13mm, f/1.8 aperture
zoom camera: 3X zoom (77mm)

iPhone 13 series launched in Qatar: price & specs    ..

All four models also come with a new Cinematic Mode, which can be described as something like portrait mode, but for videos. Cinematic Mode is available on all four new iPhones, and it allows you to selectively blur the background, leaving only the subject in sharp focus. This can happen automatically with the help of machine learning, you can do it manually while recording, or you can do it as an edit to an already existing clip recorded with an iPhone 13 phone.

Both the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max come with dual speakers (one bottom-firing speaker and another speaker embedded in the earpiece). The quality is similar to previous iPhones, which is to say you get a bit more bass and depth than your usual smartphone.

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Apple does not disclose battery capacity, it does say that the iPhone 13 Pro delivers 1.5 hours battery life increase over iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max delivers 2.5 hours increase over iPhone 12 Pro Max. This makes the iPhone 13 Pro Max the iPhone with longest battery life ever!

iPhone 13 Pro Max — 25 hours
iPhone 13 Pro — 20 hours
iPhone 12 Pro Max — 12 hours
iPhone 12 Pro — 11 hours

All four new iPhones also support MagSafe wireless charging at speeds of up to 15W with compatible chargers.

iPhone 13 series launched in Qatar: price & specs    ..

iPhone 13 series price in Qatar