Oppo introduces Slide Phone with triple-hinge foldable screen

Look at any of the best smartphones today and you'll find a familiar design: there's a pane of glass at the front and back that's joined by an aluminum or steel frame. But in the last two years, companies like Samsung and Huawei introduced a new trend for the mobile industry with foldable phones. Recently, Oppo also joined this foldable phone category with Oppo X 20201 Rollable Phone.

Pre-Book vivo X60 series

The concept smartphone has a continuously variable rollable OLED display. The device uses OPPO’s proprietary “Roll Motor Powertrain” to expand the display from 6.7-inches to a maximum of 7.4-inches. Now, Oppo has introduced yet another concept smartphone – Oppo Slide Phone that offers a triple-hinge foldable screen.

Pre-Book vivo X60 series

Oppo has developed the triple-foldable phone in collaboration with Japanese design studio Nendo. The company is referring to it as “Slide Phone.” The new concept phone can easily fit in the palm of your hand when fully closed, and sliding one fold up gives you access to a 1.5-inch screen. It can be used to check notifications, answer phone calls, or to access the music player.

Slide up to the secondary fold and you will get a 3.15-inch screen, which OPPO says is ideal for taking photos or playing casual games. Furthermore, you can unfold it fully to use the 7-inch display that features minimal bezels. OPPO is also offering stylus support that is also housed in the phone’s body.


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