OnePlus 8T Concept with color-changing design, mmWave reactive sensing tech announced

OnePlus has unveiled a new unique concept device, the simply named OnePlus 8T Concept. Based on the existing OnePlus 8T, this new concept device lets the company showcase some of the technologies that they have been working on.

OnePlus 8T Concept - Explanation

OnePlus 8T Concept

According to OnePlus, this color-changing effect is achieved with a film that contains metal oxide, which sits underneath the phone’s glass back and changes color as different voltages are applied to it. At its most basic, it could change color to show off the phone’s notifications, like an incoming phone call, much like the notification light that it has included on its phones in the past. But where things get really interesting is when it gets paired with the concept phone’s rear-mounted radar module.

This concept phone can also use this motion tracker to do simple things like answering a phone call with a gesture, or offer more advanced functionality like sensing a user’s breathing. This can be combined with its color-changing back to offer some interesting use cases. For example, its back could change color to indicate an incoming call, and then you could accept or reject it with a gesture, without having to touch the phone itself. Or the radar could sense your breathing, and then change its back’s color in time with it, “effectively making the phone a biofeedback device,” OnePlus says.

OnePlus 8T

As with the Concept One before it, OnePlus says it has no plans to commercially sell the OnePlus 8T Concept, so it’s best thought of as a small showcase of what the company is working on. But with any luck, the technology could yet come to one of its real smartphones one day.

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