Apple iPhone 14 Pro will have a 48MP camera in Qatar

A fresh new report by TrendForce has corroborated earlier accounts that the iPhone 14 Pro will move to a 48MP main camera.

This will mark the third time an iPhone has increased the resolution of its main camera (iPhone 4 to 4S – 5MP to 8MP; iPhone 6 to 6s – 8MP to 12MP) and would be a serious shift in Apple’s way of doing cameras.

It’s likely that Apple needs the higher resolution in order to offer 8K video recording on its Pro phones, but that they’ll also shoot in different resolutions, depending on the scene. A portrait or a landscape could use more megapixels, while a low-light photo could end up pixel-binned to 12MP.

A new report claims the iPhone 14 Pro will have a 48MP camera

Renowned Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo has pointed to a 48MP main camera on the iPhone 14 Pro on a number of occasions. He’s also said that a periscope zoom is coming with the iPhone 15 in 2023.

As for the front of the iPhone 14, at least two reports claim it will drop the full-sized notch in favor of a punch-hole camera, either a single or a pill-shaped one with FaceID built-in.