Nothing Ear 1 earbuds review in Qatar

The ear (1) is the first product from the London-based Nothing. By now you must have read all about the company and its founding members — and if not, you can find more info here — so let me just cut to the chase and focus on the product.Nothing Ear 1 earbuds in Qatar Price in Qatar
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Nothing Ear 1 earbuds Buy in Qatar

Nothing Ear 1 Wireless Earbuds – White QAR 479.00 – Alanees Qatar

Pei has said his motivation for starting Nothing was a consumer tech industry that felt stale, unimaginative, and awash in gadgets that all feel very same-y. I don’t really buy into that viewpoint; sure, AirPods clones are everywhere, but the best earbuds from Samsung, Sony, Google, Amazon, and other big players are all visually distinct.Nothing Ear 1 earbuds in Qatar Price in Qatar

At QAR 365, the Ear 1s include active noise cancellation, wireless charging, IPX4 water resistance, and smaller conveniences like in-ear detection — features that cost anywhere from QAR 500 to QAR 1,000 from Nothing’s big brand competitors. Their sound has been tuned by Teenage Engineering, a company well versed in audio electronics. They’ll go on sale widely starting August 17th, but you can grab a pair early from Nothing’s website on July 31st.Nothing Ear 1 earbuds in Qatar Price in Qatar
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EDITOR’S PICK: Nothing Ear 1 earbuds Price in Qatar

Like all transparent tech, the Ear 1s are fun to examine up close. On the outward-facing part of the stem, you can see the voice / ANC microphones, touch sensors, and a dot — red (right) or white (left) — to indicate which ear that bud is for. On the side facing your ear, there’s some circuitry, magnets, and the pins where the earbuds connect to the charging case.Nothing Ear 1 earbuds in Qatar Price in Qatar

Nothing says it was so obsessive over small details (like polishing the magnets) that some manufacturing plants turned the startup away. Finding the right glue to bond the two sides of transparent casing together without leaving any ugly remnants behind was also apparently quite a challenge.

The Ear 1s definitely look cool, but do they come off as radically different? I’m not seeing it. If the clear stem were opaque white instead, these earbuds would look just like Apple’s AirPods Pro or any number of competitors. Nothing’s early concept images showed a more unorthodox design, but the final product looks mostly normal with a dash of unique style — and maybe that’ll be enough to sell some people on them. Not reinventing the wheel makes for good comfort, at least. Three sizes of silicone tips come in the box, and I found that the Ear 1s have a similar in-ear feel to the AirPods Pro. They fit snugly, feel airy light (each earbud is 4.7 grams), and didn’t come loose during runs or while I was eating, which are two scenarios where true wireless buds sometimes get dislodged.

Each bud weighs under five grams, making them lighter than those more expensive options, while still packing active noise cancellation — something Google’s similarly priced Pixel Buds A lack. After several months using the AirPods Pro, Nothing’s debut earbuds definitely feel more comfortable to me.Nothing Ear 1 earbuds in Qatar Price in Qatar

Despite the lightness, Nothing claims you should get four hours of listening with ANC on, and up to 5.7 hours (340 minutes) with ANC off. The case — which is wider but slimmer than most charging cases — can add up to a total of 34 hours of listening. There’s some fast-charge tech, too: After 10 minutes in the case you can get about another hour of listening time.

The case can be charged through USB-C or Qi wireless charging — another notable addition at this price. The earbuds are also rated IPX4 for sweat and dust resistance, so they can handle workouts that don’t involve too much rain or perspiration. There are touch controls on both buds, and you can slide your finger up and down the stem for volume control, while a single tap will play/pause and a triple tap will skip a track.Nothing Ear 1 earbuds in Qatar Price in Qatar

Nothing’s buds are compatible with both Android and iOS devices, and you don’t gain or lose anything depending on which mobile OS you prefer. That is, apart from fast pairing, which is coming to Android devices but isn’t yet enabled at the time of writing.Nothing Ear 1 earbuds in Qatar Price in Qatar

Nothing’s companion app not only offers a different way to switch between noise cancellation modes, but also a way to reassign touch controls on the Ear 1. It’s a refreshing, uncomplicated app. Having wrestled with other headphone apps from Sony and the rest, though some audiophiles might find it a little restrictive.

There are four equalizer presets: balanced, more treble, more bass and voice. However, you can’t adjust the equalizer manually. The Ear 1 does offer a little more flexibility with noise cancellation with light and maximum settings you don’t often see on earbuds.Nothing Ear 1 earbuds in Qatar Price in Qatar

The Ear 1 has three high-definition mics for voice calls, with Nothing’s own “clear voice technology,” which utilizes algorithms that apparently help isolate and amplify your voice on calls. It should also help cut out wind noise.Nothing Ear 1 earbuds in Qatar Price in Qatar

The Ear 1 buds are an impressive debut device. Nothing’s first product launch is all about selling you on its cool — the company offered a limited run of hardware on StockX that seemed plainly targeted at Hypebeasts and early adopters. The design is compelling, and even the specifications are impressive at this price point. Nothing needs to improve on connectivity hiccups and sound quality if it wants to be mentioned in the same tier as Apple, Samsung and Sony, but it’s a bold start.


Unique and attractive design
Great audio quality
Water and sweat-resistant
Wireless charging for the case


Harsh treble performance
Mediocre ANC
Limited codec support
High latency for gaming
Basic phone app
Nothing Ear 1 earbuds in Qatar Price in Qatar

The ear (1) are a pair of truly wireless earbuds. Available in the US, Europe, UK, and India, the ear (1) feature active noise cancelation, wireless charging, water resistance, and a unique transparent design for a starting price of around $99 (QAR 365). They will be available globally on August 17 with a limited drop on Nothing’s website on July 31.

As if now we don’t know when it will arive in Qatar, we will let you know once arrived

We will keep you posted on the same. Hence, stay tuned.

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